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We not only sell the stone you’re looking for, we also do the precision measuring, cutting, and installation.  Out with the old and in with the new.  When it comes to your remodeling projects, you are welcome to the hammer and nails part of the job.

Your countertops and tiles should last as long as your home

If you’re looking for longevity, easy maintenance, durability, and beauty all in one product – look no further than stone for your countertops and tiles. They’ll provide you and your family with everything you’re looking for during the next 10, 15, or more years!

  • Specifically cut to fit your cabinetry and the space it’s in perfectly
  • Surface is virtually non-porous, so your countertops remain virtually germ-free
  • Your kitchen countertops play many roles – cutting board, hot pad, food prep surface, snack bar, office desk and more. You want the surface to be durable, attractive and in a look that you can easily live with for the next 15 – 20 years
  • And much more!

When it comes to the cutting and installation of your custom stone countertops or stone tiles, you need the services of our professionals, who have been specially trained and have many years of experience.

Some things to consider:

  • Engineered stone and granite must be installed by professionals or the manufacturers will not warranty the product.
  • Stone and engineered stone products create a high-end look and are very durable
  • Both are available in a wide variety of looks and finishes

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